B.Sc in Nursing (Basic)

B.sc In Nursing Program Objective

The objectives of a B.Sc. in nursing course in Bangladesh typically include:
1. To prepare students with a comprehensive understanding of nursing theories, principles, and practices.
2. To equip students with clinical skills necessary for providing safe and effective nursing care to individuals, families, and communities.
3. To foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities in nursing practice.
4. To instill professional values, ethics, and attitudes essential for delivering compassionate and culturally competent care.
5. To prepare students to function effectively as members of interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
6. To promote leadership and management skills required for roles in nursing administration, education, and research.
7. To cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development in the field of nursing.
8. To contribute to the improvement of healthcare outcomes.

Course duration and assessment

B.sc in nursing course duration is typically spans Four years. This comprehensive program equips students with essential skills and knowledge in nursing and midwifery to provide quality healthcare services in various settings upon completion.

Career of B.sc In Nursing

B.sc holders in Nursing in Bangladesh have a range of job opportunities, including roles in hospitals, clinics, maternity centers, and community health settings. They can work as staff nurses, midwives, nursing supervisors, educators, or public health nurses. Job prospects are generally favorable due to the high demand for healthcare professionals in Bangladesh’s growing healthcare sector.

Eligibility for admission

• SSC & HSC or equivalent in any department with aggregate GPA of 7.00.
• GPA less than 3.00 in any examination will not be acceptable.
• Must have GPA 3.00 In Biology at HSC or equivalent examination.
• You will be considered eligible for admission if you score at least 40 in the nursing admission test.

Admission Requirement

• S.S.C and H.S.C Transcript and Certificate.
• Photocopy of National ID card or Birth registration certificate.
• Passport-size photo (four) of the candidate.
• Admit card of admission test exam.
• Result copy of admission test.

Lab facilities

• Midwifery lab
• Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
• Simulation lab
• Anatomy lab
• Physiology lab
• Nutrition lab
• Microbiology lab
• Computer lab

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